This is a great time of year to reflect. We are far from the “holidays”, so what you are doing right now is your lifestyle, and it is your lifestyle that is the biggest influence on your health and appearance. And being a fitness guru, I can’t help but reflect on the changes in the…

Many often ask which form of strength training is better, free weights or machines.  They both are advantageous, but one may help you more than the other, depending on your ability and fitness goals.  I think this video will help you get a stronger understanding.  Enjoy!

Lisa came to us in her 50s and has since totally transformed.  Proof that it is never too late! To learn more about her story, you can click here.

I interviewed a intern from Germany on my TV show who spoke openly about gaining weight when she came to America. She said “You people sit all the time. You even sit and get food handed to you through your car window.” Proof of this is pictured….the line at Dunkin’ Donuts went all the way…

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