We have heard for many years that red meat and processed meats can cause cancer and/or heart disease.  Now, there are medical professionals that are saying “not so fast”, or at least saying “maybe not”.  The November edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine, which is a highly respected peer reviewed journal, spotlighted a review…

This Thanksgiving stuffing has a lighter texture than the traditional moist stuffing served on the holiday.  Still packed with all the goodies and flavor that you would expect on the holiday.  A nice change and something that I would repeat on Turkey day!

A whole turkey can be too much food for a small gathering, but a turkey breast can be perfect.  This turkey breast with gravy recipe is cooked in a Dutch oven and turns out to be mouth watering.  It goes great with our green bean recipe.  Try them both!

If there is one thing I like with a recipe for veggies, it is simplicity.  This one was super easy and green beans with toasted almonds are delcious.  I have prepared this on a number of meals, as it compliments many different main dishes.  It is great with turkey on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

When most people think of a roasted veggie recipe, they wrinkle their nose and think it would probably be healthy but not taste great.  Not the case with this one.  When the veggies are caramelized, they become incredibly sweet and flavorful.  I am not really a brussel sprout fan, but I ate every last one…

This pork loin recipe has an array of flavors that I loved.  It has sweet and it has heat (if you want!).  The mix of different flavors that came together wonderfully really made this pork loin recipe a treat.  I accompanied this will roasted veggies, which also have sweetness when carmelized as directed.

These healthy chicken tacos are super easy to make, and are delicious.  If you have extra sauce in the end, it make a great sandwich spread or dip.  Complimented with the right tortilla, and you have a very healthy and flavorful meal.

Nothing is better when you can find a quinoa recipe that is easy and delicious.  I mean super easy!  This is another recipe using an Instant Pot.  If you have not grabbed one of these yet, you are missing out.  This pot makes a ton of recipes super fast with respectable flavor.  This recipe is…

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