As of May 26, we will be open for all personal training services.  As usual, we will have social distancing and exceptional cleaning.  All other mandated safety measures will be followed. Email to get back on the schedule or to make a new appointment.

We are now accepting Venmo as a payment option for your personal training.  This will avoid the service charge for credit card processing.  If you are interested in details, just shoot me an email and I will share details with you.

Lettuce wraps are a healthy way to cut down on the calories.  This lettuce wrap recipe is similar to what you might get at PF Chang’s.  It can be an appetizer or a main dish.  Incredible flavor!

Here is a quinoa pilaf recipe that is refreshing.  The herbs and lemon juice are a nice addition to this recipe.

Ah, the nasty orange peel looking skin condition that women of all shapes and sizes try to rid themselves of.  It is never a welcome addition to a person’s appearance and creams, potions, and lotions are readily marketed as a cure.  Let’s look at the facts and fiction of cottage cheese skin syndrome. The facts. …

I had some fun with the music legend Little Richard in a video a little while back and wanted to share it!

Did you know that we have a continually growing selection of great recipes on our website?  I do not just pick random recipes and share them.  I have prepared every recipe and know that they are good.  Some are more healthy than others, but all are good.  Even desserts, because desserts are a part of…

Our prize wheel has 36 different abdominal exercises, which makes every spinner a winner.  And you are the next spinner! I offered a free personal training session to the person who came up with the chosen name for the wheel.  I had a ton of ideas that were great, but this one grabbed me…The Wheel…

This is a favorite of mine.  Super easy to make and very, very good.  I hope you enjoy!

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