The is some moderate prep for the perfect baked potato.  Here you go….

Some people call them Cowboy Cookies, others call them Big Ass Cookies.  Either way, these are a thick and hearty cookie.  Great texture, a mix of great flavors, and BIG!  I can eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies, but only two of these at a sitting.

Fat knees.  What can be done? Ask a man about “fat knees” and he will give you a stare of being totally clueless, which I might add, is genuine.  Mention the same to a woman, and she will start nodding her head in agreement and understanding. As the song goes…“Your thigh bone’s connected to your…

If you are thirsty, it is too late, as you are already dehydrated! As the weather warms up and we become more active with outdoor activities, the concerns of dehydration get well-needed attention.  While most people rely on thirst as an indicator for the intake of fluids, it has been proven not to be an…

This orange chicken recipe is what I call “restaurant quality”.  It is dynamite, and one of our family favorites.

This meatloaf is a solid recipe.  I love meatloaf that is juicy with a wide spectrum of flavor, and this has it all.

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