Mexican rice does not have to be complicated.  A few simple ingredients make for a delicious dish.

This shrimp and pasta dinner proved to be super easy and very tasty.  It has plenty of color with a number of nutritious vegetables, that you could easily expand on if desired. I give it two thumbs up.  Be sure to check out our other recipes!

This Chinese Chili Noodle recipe can be made vegan, with eggs, or even the lean meat of your choice.  I love this recipe.  It is my go-to many times a year.

Diets are terrible for weight loss.  If you want to gain 5 more pounds, just start the latest trendy weight loss diet.  Here is how it works…. You put yourself on a new diet, and lose weight.  If you were not on a professionally established strength training program, some of the weight you lost was…

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