A big commitment to health,

a small commitment to time.

Complete.  All the major muscle groups are targeted with our 30-minute sessions.  This is a semi-private personal training session hits all the major muscle groups, including bursts of cardio to keep you in the fat burning zone for the full 30 minutes. Don’t be freaked out!  A person of any fitness level can complete this workout, even if you are out of shape, because the intensity is adjustable.  The amount of weight you use, and the tempo (speed at which you exercise), is adjusted to your fitness level by a professional Cincinnati personal trainer who will be supervising the program. Timely.  Your time is valuable and we respect that, so we start and finish on time.  We do ask you to give 100% during your short workout so that you achieve maximal results. The goal is overall fitness.  This is the best program for those wanting maximum results with minimal time invested.  Starting out, we ask you to go at a moderate pace, but after you have acclimated, you will crank up the intensity for amazing results.  Stick with our program and we guarantee you will see results or your money back! Supervised.  Like all programs at Sensible Fitness, you will be under the supervision of a supportive and professional fitness trainer.  You are not simply shown the workout and then left alone…a motivational personal trainer is dedicated to this program at all times. Customized.  The program was designed by our owner, Doug Gibson, who has a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Cincinnati, which means workouts can be customized for those with orthopedic or other medical issues.


$29 per session
  • Come as often as you like and pay a flat fee.

2X per week

$25-$27 per session
  • Rates vary on your choice of 6 week or 12 week .

3X per week

$23-$25 per session
  • Rates vary on your choice of 6 week or 12 week .