1.  Water is your most consumed liquid.

2.  You eat breakfast each and every day.

3.  You use a cutting board and chef’s knife several times a week.

4.  You rarely see a box or prepackaged plastic wrapper in your grocery cart.

5.  Your workouts are at an uncomfortably high intensity level.

6.  You participate in physical activities (walking, golf, gardening, etc.) in addition to your exercise sessions, multiple times each week.

7.  You already know exactly what you will be eating for most of your meals this week.

I intentionally titled this the “traits of a skinny person”, but only to make sure you read it. It would better be titled the “traits of a healthy lifestyle”, but most people are chasing skinny rather than healthy. There are actually a lot of skinny people that are very unhealthy.

Now what is fundamental belief behind each of the 7 traits I listed?

 1.  Zero calories and required for life. Your body craves it.

2.  You have been told that breakfast is the most important meal since you were a child. It is true.

3.  You cook.

4.  You do not eat processed foods.

5.  You are truly exercising, rather than doing some fluffy workout at 60% and calling it exercise.

6.  Your lifestyle is active. Going to a gym 3X per week is only part of a lifestyle.

7.  You plan.

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