Want to be skinny?  Adopt these 7 traits of a skinny person.

Below is the foundation of being skinny.  To be skinny, you have to behave like a skinny person.

1.  Skinny people drink water.

The majority of your body is made up of water.  Your body craves it.  Often I get a client who is considerably overweight and they say “I hate water, I can’t drink it”.  The response that I keep to myself is “I know, and it shows.”  If you cannot choke down plain water, try flavoring it with lemon or other non-calorie choices.  When I worked at a hospital-based weight loss center, we preached 80 ounces a day.

2.  You eat breakfast each and every day.

When you wake in the morning, it is after your body has been in a fasting state for many hours.  Breakfast is important, even if you are not hungry.  Our dietitian quotes a study with individuals that had lost 100+ pounds and kept it off and the first common denominator was that they ate breakfast.  If you want to be skinny, eat breakfast to start your day.

3.  You use a cutting board and chef’s knife several times a week.

Say what?  Why is this a trait of a skinny person?  If you are using and knife and cutting board, you are cooking.  You will never be thin if your meals are being handed to you through your car window, delivered in a pizza box, or served to you in a restaurant.  You must cook.  It is as simple as that.

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4.  No boxes or prepackaged plastic wrappers in your grocery cart.

I can look in a person’s grocery cart and tell you if their lifestyle is healthy or not.  A skinny person does not eat a ton of processed foods.  If your cart is full of boxes and plastic wrappers, you will never be thin.  Why?  Because this is processed foods.  Processed foods have things added to make them taste better.  Things like salt, sugar, or fat!  Go back to #3 above, and cook your meals from scratch.

Lisa is skinny now
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5.  Your workouts are uncomfortable.

We have all seen the fat person at the gym who is barely doing anything, but go home thinking that they “worked out.”  Bologna!  Exercise is only exercise if it is out of your comfort zone.  If you are fairly comfortable, it is called activity.  If you want to look skinny (above average), you have to exercise above average.

6.  A skinny person is active outside of the gym.

Going to the gym 3 hours a week is less than 2% of the time in a week.  In addition to exercising, people who are thin are active.  Go bowling, take dance lessons, golf, gardening….whatever…just keep moving.

7.  You read food labels.

If you are reading a food label, that often means you are eating processed food.  Does broccoli have a food label?  I understand that there are times you will be buying something with a food label.  Read it and see what is in it.  If the first ingredient in your peanut butter is sugar, try another one.  Sugar, salt, and fat are hidden in foods.  It is okay to eat any of those, but only when you are doing it on purpose.  Don’t be fooled by hidden crap in food.

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In conclusion.

I used the attention getting phrase of “7 traits of skinny people”, because if I wrote the 7 traits of a healthy person, you probably would have passed it by.  Sad but true. But most of people want to be skinny, sometimes at the expense of being healthy.  This is why the industry for pills, potions, lotions, and surgeries is a multi-billion dollar one.

I cannot stress enough that skinny does not mean healthy, as there are many thin people who are a train wreck when it comes to health.  I call these people skinny fat.  They are thin but have zero muscle, which makes them “skinny fat”.  Many people strive to be thin but at the expense of their health, by trying crazy, trendy “fixes” that will just leave you fatter in the end.  If you simply live healthy, your body’s appearance of “skinny” will happen naturally.  By forcing thinness with unhealthy acts will only give you temporary success and you will bounce back fatter and more unhealthy than before.

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