Wide Bride Syndrome occurs when you are looking heavier than you prefer on your wedding day. It is the fear of being the center of attention, standing in front of your closest family and friends (especially in a strapless or sleeveless dress), and making history with photos that will last a lifetime and beyond.  Various members of the bridal parties, including the moms, have also reported having this condition.

While weight is not a determining factor of self-esteem or beauty, we are in a society that would lead one to believe otherwise.  So a panic induced diet and exercise program is the most commonly seen side effect of Wide Bride Syndrome. Depending on the timeline, it is often too little too late.

Now I want everyone to understand, I get it.  Brides, bridal parties, and moms all want to look good for the wedding day.  And I am all for using this day as an inspiration to start a diet and workout program.  But diets and workout programs are temporary, and long-term weight control is a lifestyle, a way of living.  And changing your lifestyle will take much more time than the short time before your wedding date.

So part of me understands the efforts to look your best for the big day, and part of me says, “Why?”  If your desire to lose weight is strictly out of vain, your motivation will be short-lived.  If you choose to lose weight because you want to be healthy, to have energy, to live a higher quality of life, to be the best you can be for your spouse, and yes, to look good, then your motivation will last a lifetime.

I have tons of educational articles and videos on this web site.  They will help you achieve weight loss and give you the body you desire, but more importantly a higher quality of life.  I hope you take advantage of this valuable resource and succeed in your efforts.

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