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Cincinnati Personal Training


What is Sensible Fitness Personal Training?

Sensible Fitness is a private personal training center located in Blue Ash, a northern suburb of Cincinnati.  We have been in Blue Ash over 17 years and utilize a comprehensive approach to wellness with a team of medical professionals supporting everything we do.   We are not a gym open to the public.  It will just be you meeting with one of our professionals, which means no intimidating crowds, and never a membership fee or other hidden charges.

What we do.

First we learn what your goals are, and then establish a custom program for you to follow.  Some people come to us for weight loss and toning, others may want to run a marathon or climb a mountain, and then some come to us for a single visit to learn a program they can execute at their own Cincinnati gym.  The choice is yours, without pressure from us.  We offer personal fitness training, nutritional counseling, and also eating behavior counseling.  A nutrition program and many workshops from our medical professionals are offered free of charge, simply for being a client of Sensible Fitness Personal Training.

Medically approved.

All programs at Sensible Fitness Personal Training are medically approved.  We are owned by a Physical Therapy professional who establishes all protocols for exercise programs.  Our Leadership Team of physicians, dietitians, and licensed counselors also approves all programs.  You can be assured that programs are safe and effective.  Our personal trainers are educated, certified, and insured.

Welcoming environment.

Sensible Fitness has been in Cincinnati for over 17 years, and we pride ourselves in the non-intimidating and welcoming environment.  You will not see barely dressed fitness models here, or the screaming muscle-heads like in mainstream Cincinnati gyms.   You will find Sensible Fitness to be a laid back, yet professional place, where you will feel entirely at home.  We promise you.

No pressure.

You simply pay for your time with one of our professionals.  You do not pay memberships fees or have any other hidden costs.  We do not require contracts, and you will not be pressured to commit to something outside of your budget.  This is another promise from us.

Beautiful Facility in Blue Ash, Ohio

Sensible Fitness Personal Training is convenient to the Greater Cincinnati area. We are located just south of I-275, near the corner of Reed Hartman Highway and the Cornell Road in Blue Ash, Ohio.  We are right next door to our job security…Bonnie Lynn Bakery!