agaveAgave is a nectar that comes from Agave plants, often grown in Mexico. The sweetener is syrupy, but it is processed in several different ways, unlike maple syrup that is just tapped from the tree.

Agave is often given two thumbs up as a healthy sweetener, but that is not necessarily justified. It is probably no better or no worse than sugar itself, and has the same calories…4 calories per gram. The good news is that Agave is twice as sweet as sugar, so you might use less to get the same sweetness.

Agave is often popular with diabetics because it does not raise blood glucose levels as much as sugar, but this is because agave has far less glucose than sugar.

The important point to get from this is that when you eat sugar or sweeteners, you should be doing it on purpose, like when baking me chocolate chip cookies. It is the hidden sugars that have infested nearly every aspect of our food chain that is the enemy. Read your food labels!

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