There is a long list of medical studies that show connections between exercise, muscular health, and mental acuity…even in the elderly.  But now a recent study Muscle headdone on twins suggests the same.

Why is this different?  Well, if one twin’s body and/or thinking ability differs significantly over time, the cause is less likely to be solely genetic or childhood environment and more likely to be lifestyle choices.

Scientists looked at the leg muscles of twins, instead of their reported exercise habits.  This was done because the measurement of leg muscles is very objective, while people reporting their exercise can be, let’s say, a little “off”.

They found that those that had the sturdiest legs had the least decline in thinking skills.  In fact the twin with more powerful legs averaged 18% better on memory and other cognitive tests than the weaker twin.

The lead researcher believes that working muscles release biochemicals that travel to the brain and affect cellular health there.

Lunge walks anyone?

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