Maureen asks:

Doug, can you tell me what a typical day of eating consists of for a fitness guru like yourself?

Doug answers:

I strongly believe that eating baboon hearts is the key to weight loss and fitness.  The baboon is the only primate that’s metabolism actually increases with age.  This means that an older baboon is actually leaner despite being less active.  The heart of the baboon contains the enzyme that increases the human metabolism and I eat three entire hearts and one aorta each week, which are imported from Zambia.  Truthfully, this fitness guru doesn’t do anything too crazy.  I believe in balance and moderation using “normal” foods.First lets talk about metabolism.  Whether you are man or woman, your resting metabolism will burn more calories each and every day than any exercise program ever will.  Simply put, every hour of every day, your body burns more energy just to stay alive than it will with any form of exercise. Muscle tone needs calories to survive and the more you have the more you can eat!  On the other hand, fat does not need calories to survive, so it just gathers on your body in places that you don’t want it.  The single best thing you can do for long-term weight control is weight training, which will stoke your calorie hungry metabolism. Since I have muscle tone, I can get away with a little cheating and larger portions.

My philosophy on nutrition is simple and sensible, hence the name of my company, Sensible Fitness.  I believe if the foundation of your diet is healthy low-fat foods, it is acceptable to relax and enjoy some sinful foods on occasion.  I also believe the biggest battle of any “diet” is in your own head and that your attitude toward food should be to only provide nutrition.  Food is a necessity for life, and it should not be viewed as a source of enjoyment (try sex), comfort (try a fluffy pillow), or entertainment (try dancing).  This means you will eat food that does not thrill you, but you eat it anyway because it is good for you.  Kinda like your mama making you eat broccoli.

Here is a typical day for me:

Breakfast, 6 a.m.  I am on the run in the morning and need something fast, so I have a smoothie made with plain yogurt, tofu, cottage cheese, fruit and soy milk.  Is it mouthwatering and delicious?  No, but it is healthy, quick and fairly tolerable.

Snack, 10 a.m.  I am between personal training clients and again need something quick, so I have a whey protein powder mixed with water.

Lunch, 12 p.m.  I pack my lunch 95% of the time.  I almost always eat a very large spinach salad with low/fat free dressing, feta cheese, and craisins. The main course often is often leftovers from dinner, seen below, and a couple of fat-free, no sugar added yogurts.  I might add granola in the yogurt to give it some crunch.  Another option is a sandwich with a large portion of low-fat or fat-free deli meat.  I might put cheese on it, along with hummus and cayenne, or a condiment that does not add significant calories.  With that I may have some pita chips or other version of a “healthy” chip.  Fresh fruit salad is dessert when in season.

Snack, 5 p.m. Another protein powder mixed with water.

Dinner, 7 p. m.   I might make a batch of healthy enchiladas, grilled chicken with the prepackaged rice or pasta noodles, turkey burgers with fresh fruit, filet mignon and steamed veggies, or spaghetti made with lots of lean ground beef or ground turkey breast.  All of my breads and pastas are whole grain, and my rice always steamed and brown.  I rarely eat something after dinner.

Now for my confessions, as some of you may catch me out some night having chicken wings and beer.  As I mentioned previously, I believe if the foundation of your diet is healthy foods, if you want to splurge and enjoy, you can afford to do it in moderation, and I usually have a “cheat meal” once per week.  I feel it is important to add that biscuits and gravy is my favorite breakfast but I only have it 2-3 times per year!  Same with pizza, I might enjoy once every three months if I am lucky.

To succeed with a healthy diet you must eat most meals from home.  While I might eat at a restaurant 1-3 meals each week, 80% of the time that I do eat out, I choose the healthier options on the menu, which again is simply my dietary habit.

Is it hard for me to eat this way?  Nope, I don’t even think about it.  It is a habit.  Just like washing my hair first in the shower, or my butt landing in my favorite chair, it just happens without thought.  That is my goal with clients that come to Sensible Fitness, to help change their eating and exercise habits, which changes their health and appearance, and thus their life.  Once it becomes a habit, success just continues to happen and they don’t have to think about it.

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