A Thin Waist. A Sign Of Health, Intelligence Or Sex Appeal?

A thin waist has been proven to be an indicator of good health.  This is simply because so many vital organs are found in this area of the body, and storing fat there dramatically increases your risk of health problems. A small waist is also shown to be a significant factor in attractiveness and intelligence, according to multiple studies, often regardless of weight.

You simply can’t pack your heart, lungs, liver, etc. in a blanket of fat and expect to go through life with the threat of heart disease, diabetes, or other nasty fat related diseases.

It is optimal to have a waist significantly smaller than your hips.  As the waist grows as big or bigger than the hips, like those that have an “apple” or “muffin” shape, the health risks grow as well.  Some experts prefer using a waist-to-hip ratio in determining obesity, over the widely accepted body mass index.  We perform both with a fitness assessment at Sensible Fitness, and you can learn your own body mass index.

Although they were not considered petite women by any stretch of the imagination, sexy symbols Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren both had small waists in comparison to their hips.

The Journal of Biological Psychology, stated “Hip size indicates pelvic size and the amount of additional fat storage that can be used as a source of energy. Waist size conveys information such as current reproductive status or health status … in westernized societies with no risk of seasonal lack of food, the waist, conveying information about fertility and health status, will be more important than hip size for assessing a female’s attractiveness.”

If health and sex appeal is not enough, would you believe that a small waist in comparison to the hips, has also had direct links with higher intelligence?  Interestingly enough, both women with small waists and their children, scored significantly higher on intelligence tests.  These women were not necessarily skinny, but had a waist 60-70% of the size of their hips.  Again, weight is not a factor.

Whether your motivation is to be healthier, smarter, or to be more attractive, it looks like keeping an eye on the size of your waist might just be in order.


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