A Weight Loss Pill That Works?

Take a pill and lose weight.  Every advertisement you see is very convincing and it makes choosing the best one much harder.  They all have extraordinary claims of the pounds melting away without diet and exercise, and many of us have been suckered into buying them.  Let me help you sort through the hype so that your money is well spent.

Don’t buy any of them with the expectations of getting the same results you see in the advertisements.  There is a reason they all have the fine print stating: “these results are not typical” or “as a part of a healthy diet and exercise program”.  There is not a magic pill out there.  When something works, some idiot takes 10X the recommended dose to get better results and dies, which causes the government to step in and ban it.

Ephedra, a natural weight loss supplement, was banned when a few people died after taking it.  Ironically, aspirin allegedly causes thousands of deaths per year but it remains legal, which could be a testament to the power of the drug companies.

While there are some supplements that have medical studies that back their effectiveness, they are often studies funded by they company that produces them. Many times these studies will show a product helps an individual burn a ridiculously small number of calories, and then they exploit this as a fat-burner that will melt the pounds away.  The world would be better place if multiple independent studies were needed to prove a product offered significant results before being marketed as such.  Until then, be a skeptic or kiss your money goodbye!

My general opinion is to stay away from weight loss supplements.  You are chasing something that might help you 1%, while ignoring the 99%. Put your attention toward changing the behaviors that are making you overweight rather than looking for a pill to fix your poor lifestyle choices.  The money would be better spent on a dietician, a personal trainer, a psychologist, or an entry fee to a fitness event (5K walk, 1/2 marathon, etc.) that will increase your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

If there were a pill that worked, it would rock our fattened society and be the headlines of the New York Times.  So don’t worry, it won’t sneak under the radar.  A healthy diet and consistent exercise is the magic pill, spend your money on whatever it takes to make those two things happen.

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