Aging. How To Truly Battle It

If you are over thirty, all the nasty side effects of aging have begun.  You are starting to lose muscle strength and endurance, while at the same time you are storing more fat.  Without intervention on your part, all of this can bring a new unwelcome shape to your body, and put your health insurance rating in a whole new classification.  In fact what you do today, will have a dramatic impact on how you look and feel for the next decade.

We all reach a time in life where we do not look forward to birthdays any longer and then most of us begin our attempts combat the signs of aging. The fountain of youth is a dream many chase in the form of anti-aging creams, cosmetic surgery, and a whole mess of potions and lotions. Unfortunately, these serve only as a cover-up.

Can the aging process truly be reversed?  No, while exercise will not reverse the aging process, it will slow it down greatly.  This is especially true for strength training, which has a positive affect on nearly every single nasty effect that aging has on the body.  Look at the graphic, and you will see the atomic impact that strength training has on the aging process.  You will not see this with Yoga, Pilates, bicycling, swimming, running, or walking, although each of these compliment a fitness program.  Strength training is simply the king!

If you want to be ageless, you need to fight off the dreaded hunchback look, the thickening of the waist, the baggy arms that your grandma has, and the widening of the hips.  And physical fitness and healthy eating is the only thing that will make it happen.

Too many are chasing the false hopes of the “easy way out” and fail to deal with the reality that it takes the effort of exercise.  Nothing else worthwhile in your life came without effort; do you really think an ageless body will happen with a pill, a surgery, or anything else easy?  Get real!

But the pinnacle of agelessness is attitude.  A woman who is physically fit exudes a youthful and energetic confidence at any age, and there is nothing more timeless than the spunk that this gives you!  It simply lights up a room.


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