Boomin’ Butts and Bulging Bellies, Game One

It all starts with Halloween, as we snack on the surplus of candy.  But that is just the beginning of what I call the World Series of Weight Gain, because Halloween is only game 1 of a 7 game series that will add inches to your midsection.

Your 7 game series of high-calorie battles include:

  1. Halloween
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Christmas/Hanukah
  4. New Year’s Eve
  5. New Year’s Day and College football bowl games
  6. Super Bowl
  7. Valentine’s day

Combine the tens of thousands of extra calories that winter celebrations bring, with the decreased physical activity that the shorter days in Cincinnati offer, and our beach bodies of summer get hit with a grand slam of added weight.

I suggest that you take each calorie-packed event individually.  You might lose a couple of battles along the way, but win the war in the end.

It is a real struggle for some because some of the events like Christmas, Hanukah, and college bowl games bring more than just a single day of celebration and often you feel as respectful guest, you must eat what is placed on the table.

Your first battle is Halloween.  Here are some tips to save your waistline without ruining the enjoyment for the kids:

  • Wait until the last minute to buy candy.
  • Buy candy that you do not like.
  • Hand out non-caloric goodies. Ideas are stickers, coins, or toy trinkets bought in bulk.
  • Get rid of extra candy the next day.  This includes thinning out your kids candy also, as they do not need the excessive amounts either.  Throw it out or give it away.
  • Here’s a novel idea.  Exercise some self-control and don’t eat it.

An average mini-size candy bar can easily have 70 calories of sugar and fat.  This means for every 2 that you eat will require you to walk a minimum of 30 minutes to get rid of it.  You can track the calories you eat and walk them off, or you can just unwrap the candy and slap it right on your belly or butt, because that is where it is going!

Living healthy is a lifestyle, it is not a curse.  While you should never deprive yourself of candy or other treats that holiday’s bring, you do need to be attentive to quantities, and also realize that added calorie burning activity may be warranted as well.

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