Can Exercise Improve Sexual Performance?

Since 1998, I have been answering viewers questions emailed to my television program, one of the more interesting ones was asking about bedroom performance.  A viewer asked if there were exercises that would improve their performance in the sack, and the answer is an exhilarating YES!

Great sex involves movement, lots of movement, including flips, twists, and a flying trapeze in my opinion.  Regardless of what you are doing, if you are moving, it is because of muscle contractions and this is certainly true during sex.  Muscles that are active during sex not only need strength, but also endurance unless you are unfortunate enough to have a 2-minute man.  While the muscles of the pelvic floor, often trained with Kegel exercises, can enhance sex for both men and women, these muscles do not contribute to movement during sex.  The primary muscles a woman should focus on for sexual performance are those within the lumbo-hip-pelvic complex, which are the muscles surrounding the pelvis.

The muscles responsible for movement during sex, or the “prime movers”, are different depending on the position you are in.  If you are in the missionary position, different muscles will be engaged than if you are in the “doggie-style” position.  While I could write chapters on this topic and the hundreds of different positions, I will focus on the missionary and the many various girl-on-top positions.  These positions require a woman to have strength and control of the muscle responsible for pelvic tilting to align the vagina and also for pelvic rocking or the “humping motion”.

The prime movers for the pelvic motion are the mainly the muscles of the low abs and low back that cause anterior and posterior tilting (rocking) of the pelvis.  For many women, these muscles are not only very weak but also are not well connected to the brain, meaning that they do not have proprioception or good conscious control of the muscles. Training these muscles will not only give you strength and endurance but also open the connection between the brain and body, to give you smooth and coordinated motion during sex.

While doing crunches or various other ab exercises will give you great results for the upper abs, they do little for the lower abs.  The upper abs are the prime mover for a crunching or sit-up motion, but it is the lower abs that tilt the pelvis, and I have developed specific protocols for targeting these muscles.  In order to target the low abs, you have to place the body in a such a way as to challenge the position of your pelvis, forcing the low abs and low back to engage.

The starting point for a sexual performance fitness program is mastering the posterior pelvic tilt.  The posterior pelvic tilt is used in many positions, but is most easily understood in the missionary position, where this motion helps tilt the vagina to an angle in which a woman can easily and enjoyably accept her partner.

Once you have mastered this motion, phase one of my sexual performance program is to perform a posterior tilt and strongly hold it for 10 seconds.  Repeat this for 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you perform this simple exercise with correct form and maximal effort, it can be surprisingly tiring.  When you master this exercise, there are many progressions to follow.

The beauty of exercising the muscles responsible for sexual performance is that they have carry over into your appearance.  The low abs, located from the belly-button down, are where a lot of women have a “pooch”.  Training these muscles will not only enhance sex for you and your partner but also help tone and flatten this stubborn area.

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