Changing The Shape Of Your Body

It is easy to get caught up in the demands society put on us.   The demands are many and include driving the nice car, wearing the latest fashion, and of course, having the thin appearance.  If your shape is more of an apple than an hourglass…can this truly be changed?

I often see people striving for unrealistic goals.  Weight loss goals are realistic to anyone who cleans up their eating habits and gets off their butt.  So goals of an hourglass figure or seeing your six-pack can be a matter of simply getting leaner.  But the unrealistic goals are those of changing your actual genetic structure.  Many people are chasing false promises of the long, lean, sleek look seen on the covers of magazines.  Sometimes the genetic and structural make-up of a person’s body will never allow this.

To put this in perspective, look at the canines.  A stocky, muscular bulldog can do everything under the sun to gain the long, lean, sleek look of the greyhound, but it will never happen.  Just as dogs have genetic and structural limitations, humans do to.

Now don’t get me wrong.  You can certainly change the shape and appearance of your muscles.  Strength training will very effectively shape your muscles and give them firmness, while healthy eating will diminish the fat that makes you look doughy.  If you have short stocky limbs, leaning out and gaining muscle tone will make your muscles appear longer and sleeker, but you will not change your structural makeup.

Men often have it easier when it comes to creating the illusion of structural change. The testosterone that men have enables them to add considerable muscle bulk, which can make more dramatic changes to their appearance.  If a guy has a genetically wide waist, he can add bulk to his upper body that will create the illusion of a smaller waist.  Not as readily the case with women.

One of my favorite prayers talks about accepting the things you cannot change, changing the things you can, and being smart enough to know the difference.  People need to quit chasing the genetically blessed photo-shopped models seen on the magazine covers.  Half of them probably have eating disorders or pharmaceutical help anyway…remember thin does not mean healthy.

Celebrate and accept what God has given you and work with it.  If you are not a greyhound, you can still make great changes to your appearance, but good health should be the driving force.  If you accept who you are and strive for health, the benefits will be exponential.  You are worth it.


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