Culinary Creativity in the Kitchen!

Ever get tired of eating the same ol’ thing?  Whether you are counting calories for weight loss, or just randomly feeding your face, we all can get into eating patterns that sometimes get a bit old.  Break out of these patterns by tapping into your culinary creativity.

Especially when eating healthy, it is easy to perceive that you are limited with palatable food options.  I carefully used the word “perceive”, as with a little recipe research, there is a tremendous amount of variety for the people watching their weight.  But I am certainly guilty of failing to dedicate the time needed to spawn new creative dishes, and this leads to bouts of boredom with the meals.

To snap out of the humdrum, I suggest being more of a bartender than a chef.  Think of a long-island iced tea.  Who would think if you add 6 different hard-core liquors together with a dash of mix and cola, that it would so good you would joyfully drink 8 of them?  The same creative application can be done with food, especially if you are making smoothies, salads, or marinades.

I don’t want to feed you recipes, but rather give you some ideas and let you experiment. The hardest part of making up recipes is remembering what you did after making a good one, so pay attention!

Smoothies usually have fruit, but everything else that goes into it is up to you.  Yogurt, tofu, cottage cheese, juice, milk, nuts, spices, ice, peanut butter, club soda, and protein powder is just a few of the options you can include in your drink to make it a balanced, tasty, and very healthy snack or meal.

Salads are where I have excelled as a mad scientist, concocting creative culinary delights.  I use chicken, turkey, or tuna, to be on the healthy side, but instead or blasting it with the fat-loaded mayo, try plain yogurt, a dash of olive oil, fruit, egg whites, tofu, veggies, nuts or seeds, spices (cayenne is my favorite), or a dash of milk if it is dry.

Marinades are a great way to enhance the taste of various meats, especially the dry ol’ chicken breast.  Combinations of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, low fat dressings, juices, sauces (soy, Worcestershire, etc.), mustards, and spices are is just a sampling of the limitless possibilities in creating something unique and creative.

But the bottom line is: break away from the predictable Lean Cuisines and take a creative culinary adventure with a little experimentation.  Expanding your dietary horizon is a great way to avoid the boredom that causes you to stray into the forbidden fat-laden, butt widening, unhealthy food choices.


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