Do You Feel (and Look) Older Than You Really Are?

Is your butt is dragging through each day? When you unexpectedly catch sight of yourself in the mirror, do you wonder: “Who IS that old person?” If so, you may be experiencing a phenomenon that is referred to as Progressive Metabolic Regression Syndrome.  Actually, I made that up, but it certainly sounds impressive!

The aging process is happening every second of every day. We do not notice it so much from day to day, but when we compare how we looked and felt 5-10 years ago, it is very noticeable.  From about the age of 30, we all start losing lean muscle mass and gaining body fat. This trend continues until we are on the opposite side of the lawn, and research has shown that these consequences of aging are more pronounced in women.

As we age, whether we realize it or not, we tend to become less and less active. This contributes to the decrease in muscle and the increase in body fat. I noticed this myself recently while playing catch with my son, and he had a “wild throw.” In years past, I would have run to catch it. Instead, I let it pass and walked over to pick it up from the ground. It is small instances like this that add up to being an overall less active person, and this negatively impacts both health and appearance.

The very best thing a person can do to slow down the aging process is to remain active with exercise. Strength training is especially important for women as it increases muscle mass and bone density, which revs the metabolism and burns fat. Throw menopause into the mix, with those powerful hormones that go out of whack, and the importance of exercising is greatly amplified. Of course, for everyone, cardiovascular exercise is vital, giving us a healthy heart and lungs with improved circulation and endurance.

Exercise will not reverse the aging process entirely, but it will slow it down considerably and greatly improve your quality of life. The most common comment I get from middle-aged clients is: “I have not felt this good in years.”  It really does work!

A local cosmetic surgeon who comes to Sensible Fitness for personal training openly admits that exercise is the best “fountain of youth.”  Nothing will help you look and feel better over the long haul than staying fit.  Being in great physical shape boosts your inner soul with confidence and high self-esteem, while at the same time giving you energy, strength, and endurance to make it through the day feeling great and looking good at the same time.  No pill or surgery offers all of this. So, in a word: EXERCISE!


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