Doing Chores For Weight Loss

If you read magazines or watch certain “medical” television shows, it would be easy to think that you can have a killer body by doing housework or other chores.  Let me scrape off the sugarcoating before that gets added to your booty.

I have heard it from multiple sources, from talk shows to the local new anchor reporting on a new “study”, that activity such as housework and gardening for ____ minutes (insert any number here) a day will help you maintain your weight and see dramatic health benefits.  Well, before you attempt to “clean” your way into a bikini, let me tell you that any statements that even resembles such a claim is bologna.  Housework or gardening is activity, which is a mandatory component of a healthy lifestyle, but if you want a respectable body, it will take so much more.

While common sense should tell you that casual activities would not provide dramatic improvements to your appearance or health, you often have to consider the population who is listening.  Most of the overweight population is a group of people who are thirsty for the easy way out, so they are vulnerable prey for these false claims. Sugarcoating the efforts required to make a difference in their health or appearance is an injustice to the very population who needs to be blatantly told to get off their butts and exert themselves.

Unfortunately, even the Surgeon General throws a little sugar on the recommendations of physical activity. The official recommendation is for 2.5 hours of moderate-intense activity per week, for adults including pregnant and postpartum women. What is in the fine print, and what the media does not report, is that if you want other benefits like reducing cancer or MAINTAINING A HEALTHY WEIGHT, you may need as much as 5 hours per week.  That is double the amount, which is much more accurate based on the inactive lifestyles that our society promotes.

I want you to walk away from this article realizing that cleaning your house, gardening, walking the dog, or playing golf or softball is not going to cut it. This is activity and activity is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, but you will not get a naughty-body with ripped abs from it.  It is only exercise if it has a large degree of physical exertion that is out of your comfort zone.  Know that if your goals are to look better than average, it takes an effort that is better than average.

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