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Today’s remote controlled generation thinks they are doing the planet good by recycling a water bottle, or by downgrading from a Hummer to a Yukon. Our grandparents laugh at us, as they were “green” before being green was cool.

Grandma was washing dishes by hand, cooking all meals at home, hanging clothes outside to dry, and walking down to the store to grab a few groceries.  That is much more environmentally friendly than automatic dishwashers, processed meals made in polluting factories, energy hungry clothes dryers, and a car that gets used to travel 3 blocks.

The extra energy previous generations burned for the activities of daily living is largely why obesity was very uncommon.  Today, our modern conveniences make life easier, the ozone layer thinner, us lazier, and well, fatter. Hell, we are bummed when we have to get up to walk across the room for the remote. Disturbing, but true.

The old-fashioned way is usually the Earth friendly way, and also the fitness friendly way.  I doubt if I can convince anyone to go retro with chores, so let me share 5 great ways to make your fitness program more Earth friendly.

  1. Workout at home.  Tons of women were lying on their living room floor working out with Jack Lalanne, and you can do the same. Sensible Fitness Personal Training has over a hundred exercise videos posted on YouTube for you to enjoy free of charge.
  2. Ride a bike.  Pull out a map and seek out a safe route to the store, traveling on the relaxing residential roads.  Wear a backpack or pull a bike trailer to carry your stuff.  Commit to doing this one time per week, and soon you will be enjoying it more.
  3. Enjoy the outdoors.  Gardening, hiking, walking, canoeing, camping, and landscaping, are a few great ideas that burn the calories and encourage an active lifestyle.
  4. Join a gym.  Yes they have an appetite for energy, but not compared to every household having a treadmill running with a TV on and lights burning.
  5. Reusable water bottles.  Your hydration is important, but not at the expense of the planet.  Reusing a water bottle is a big step above recycling the millions of plastic bottles that Americans are thirsty for.

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