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When you are in the audience at a wedding, what do you do?  You analyze the shapes and sizes of the wedding party, especially their butts when they up on stage with their backs to the whole church. Don’t deny it, you have done it too!  This scrutiny is intensified if the women are wearing sleeveless or fitted dresses, and nobody wants to be the one who gets talked about with “Wow, they have really put on some weight”.

I absolutely hate giving out this “lose weight fast advice”.  Many will do everything except the exercise while others will make this a temporary fix to a permanent and growing (literally) problem.  This is cheesy advice that belongs on the cover of a cheesy magazine in the checkout lane at Kroger, and not this trusted resource, but you wanted a quick fix so here it is.

While I am totally against anything but a nutritious balanced diet, if I desired to lose weight quickly I would consider a low-carb diet such as the Adkins diet.

Especially in the first couple weeks of the Adkin’s diet, where your carbs are restricted, your body can go into ketosis, which is where your body is forced to primarily burn fat for energy. Now before some numskull reads this article then cuts their carbs to zero and ends up hospitalized, I need to stress that you follow what Dr. Adkins has written, as there are significant medical ramifications if you mess with it.  The other ramification of this diet is that you will gain all the fat back because you will not stick to this diet for life.

If you chose this diet, that I do not recommend because you will gain all your fat back, you will not have loads of extra energy but you still must exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise is best for burning fat, while weight lifting is best for toning and shaping muscles.  Your cardio can be anything you desire as long as you have yourself exercising out of your comfort zone, at a level of intensity that I would call “comfortably hard”.  While jogging may burn the most calories, I would be concerned with shin splints from progressing a program too quickly during your quick fix, so I might recommend something that does not have higher impacts until your body is adjusted.

Weight training cannot be ignored if you want to make big changes in 2 months.  I have had many people drop a couple of sizes solely because of the benefits of strength training.  Strength training firms up sagging muscles, giving your body a desirable shape and smaller appearance. We have catered many workouts at  Sensible Fitness to only target the problem spots, so you look your best.

The key to your success with a quick deadline is going to be a focused effort in the following areas:

Cutting the alcohol, especially for the women.  Weight loss and alcohol do not go together with women, it is a weird quirk in their metabolism.  Guys can lose weight while enjoying alcohol but who needs the extra calories when trying to become thinner?

No cheating on your diet.  If you chose the “lose the fat but gain it back Adkins diet”, stick to it strictly.  If you chose the balanced nutritious diet I recommend, go a couple of months eating extremely healthy and maybe you will pick up some good habits as the pounds melt away.

Exercise out of your comfort zone.  With both cardiovascular exercise and strength training, push yourself.  Too many people just go through the motions and then whine about limited results.  You have taken it easy for too long which is why you look the way you do.  Time to pay your dues!

Don’t let it happen again. Make a change in your lifestyle or I will need to deal with panic stricken situation next year when you are 5 pounds bigger than when you started this time.

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