Fat knees. Women hate em’

Ask a man about “fat knees” and he will give you the stare of being totally clueless, which I might add, is genuine.  Mention the same to a woman, and she will start nodding her head in agreement and understanding.

Are men blind?  No, but it will be 2 months before we notice you have knees.  It takes time before we quit looking at your breasts, then it will take a while before our eyes go lower than your butt, and finally it is usually the overall appearance of the leg that impacts us, and not a visual dissection of the knee.  We are rather simple creatures, which might help explain the “deer in the headlights” look regarding this topic.

As the song goes…“Your thigh bone’s connected to your shin bone”, and this is what forms the knee joint, the union of the femur and the tibia.  Above the knee joint is the thigh muscle (quadriceps), which attaches to the kneecap (patella), and the patellar tendon attaches the kneecap to your shin bone (tibia).  This tendon is the one that the doc hits to test your reflexes.

With all the action that the knee joint gets in about every motion of your leg, the underside of the kneecap and the patellar tendon needs some extra cushion around them.  Well, our very thoughtful Creator put fat pads below the knee to help do this job. With your knee totally straight, you might be able to feel or see the fat pads, like mushy little pillows, on each side of your patellar tendon, which is actually below the knee joint.

Although your knee has fat pads in them, I have not had a woman point to the area of the fat pad as being a concern with their “fat knees”.  With that said, I must share my experience of well over 30 combined years as a physical therapist assistant, a fitness trainer, a bodybuilder, and an admirer of women in general.

I have heard both overweight women and incredibly thin women share the same concerns about their “fat knees”.

If you are overweight, you are carrying extra body fat all over your body, including around the knee.  It would look freaky to have fat thighs and fat calves, with lean knee joint.  On the other hand, I have yet to see a woman with lean thighs and calves that had knees that were fat.  This one strikes home with me, as I personally know a woman who wears size 0 pants, yet points out the fat just above her knees as being a problem.  Her legs are twigs and her knees look great to me!

I certainly do not want to discredit anyone’s feelings, as they are real.  But I also must first ask you to take an honest look at yourself.  I have had people who are clinically obese, with multiple tests proving it, that claim the tests are wrong and they are “not really that fat”, and I have had the opposite, with those sporting incredibly flat stomachs considering liposuction.  We often see things in the mirror that others do not see, which explains the spandex or bare midriffs seen in public that makes you say “what are they thinking?”.

Our society often strives for the unrealistic perfection we see in magazines that have been run through hours of Photoshop, and this pertains to knees.  We need to realize and accept that we are all shaped differently.  Knees come in all shapes and sizes and the way your body stores fat around them is also unique.  This is called beauty and not imperfection.


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