Hotel Room Workouts

Travelers always are going to have some obstacles that possibly derail your fitness quest.  If you need a quick “fitness fix”, let’s look at something that you can do in the privacy of your hotel room.

If your suitcase is anything like mine, you do not have a lot of free space, so I set you up with a workout that uses calisthenics and rubber tubing, which is very light weight and takes little space.   Calisthenics uses your own body weight and you can target much of your body with these.  You will however need an external force for some of your muscle groups and a couple of rubber tubes, with handles on each end, will work great.

It will be impossible for me to share one workout that will cover the entire spectrum varying fitness levels so I am going to share a basic workout, which can be made harder if you desire.  Here are some exercises for a total body workout of your major muscle groups:

  • For legs and glutes, you can perform squats, split squats, or lunges.  These can be done with or without the rubber tubing to make them harder.
  • Hamstrings can be targeted by performing one or two-legged bridging with your foot on a stool.  Do not get too much bend in your bridging leg(s) or it will take emphasis off the hamstrings!
  • To blast the abs and obliques, there are numerous variations of crunches, planks, or stabilization exercises to choose from. Pick a couple and punish your mid-section for the sinful, yet mandatory, vacation indulgences.
  • For your back muscles or “lats”, we need to incorporate the rubber tubing and perform rowing or pulldowns.  These muscles can be fairly strong, so you may have to hold two tubes together to make it challenging.
  • Biceps can be hit by performing a basic bicep curl with the rubber tubing.  Start by standing on the tube with one foot, and if that is too easy put two feet on the tube. Spread your stance to increase resistance.
  • Triceps are a trouble spot for many and performing dips off the edge of a bed or couch will give them a great workout.  You can also perform kickback, pushdowns, or overhead tricep extension with your tubing!
  • For your shoulders, or deltoids, I will suggest an overhead press with your rubber tubing.  Deltoids are typically a weaker muscle group, so put the tubing under only one foot and press up overhead.  If you have a shoulder issue, maybe try a front raise with the tubing.
  • No workout is complete without targeting the chest.  You must, you must, you must tone the bust!  Push-ups off of your knees are great for beginners, progressing to being on your toes for the more advanced.  You can also perform a standing chest press using your rubber bands.

Obviously, unless you are familiar with exercise terminology, you may not understand what many of these exercises are, but a single visit to a qualified personal trainer (me!) can get you on the right path.


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