Join the Tiny Heinie Club!

We were all born with em’ small, but they just seem to get bigger as we age.  Your butt.  Butts come in many shapes and sizes.  There are bubble butts, wide butts, flat butts, and fat butts.  They are cracked, yet no one considers them broken, but let them start expanding and people start having a real issue.

A booming booty is adored by some and is what gave Jay-Lo a chunk of her fame, but if I am going to appeal to the masses, I need to help you fight off the battle of the bulging buttocks. If you want to be in the Tiny Heinie Club, let me point your ass in the right direction.

The bulk of your butt muscle is the gluteus maximus, which is a large and powerful muscle needed to keep us upright and propel our stride.  Toning this muscle gives it firmness and shape, while preventing it from sagging, and toning comes from strength training.  So start cranking out one of the many varieties of lunges and squats, as they do wonders for the glutes!

Many people are misdirected on the number of reps to perform with exercise.  If you have a flat butt and actually wish to give some “bubble” to it, you should be lifting heavier weights for 10-12 reps to actually gain muscle.  But if you want to gain muscle tone without adding size, you should be doing lighter, but still challenging, weight with higher reps of 15 or more.  Either way, spank that butt with many different exercises, from many different angles.

When it comes to shaping your glutes, genetics can be a big pain in the butt.  Some people can genetically have lean, but larger glutes.  Others simply store, what seems like all of their body fat, in their backside.  If members of the same sex in your family have similar shape, genetics will be a factor and you will have a more challenging booty battle ahead.

A nice firm, tone butt is a work of art and something to be proud of, but slap a layer of fat on it and your tiny heinie becomes a big ol’ booty. Fat is the number one reason for your booty being booted from “The Club”.  Both sexes can carry body fat in the backside, but women are certainly are more predisposed to holding weight around the pelvis.  This problem is solved the same way for all.

Creating an uncomfortable environment for butt fat is the key to getting rid of it.  Butt fat cells will rapidly multiply when they are fed and directly placed on padded surfaces such as chairs and sofas.  Fat cells thrive in this environment!  The best thing you can do to drop jean sizes is to get off your ass and quit eating so much. Enough said.


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