Know The Right People For Your Health

I already know who will disagree with me.  It will be the person who gets into respectable shape for a wedding or other special event, and then just like memory foam, regain their original shape when it passes. But, I feel health and fitness is a continuous journey, and not simply a destination.  It is a way of life that demands planning, preparation, and people.  In the past, I have written plenty about the planning and preparation, but have not given you the people I feel you should know to keep your on-going journey a smooth one.

Of course there are some obvious choices for people you should know when it comes to the topic of health and fitness.

A medical doctor.  Having one that you are happy with and trust is a good place to start.  Remember, you hire and fire the doctor, so if you are frustrated with your doc, seek out a new one.  When you turn to them for help, you already feel terrible and don’t need any additional torment to deal with.

An orthopaedic doctor is also a good person to have on your side. At some point or another, you or someone you know is probably going to have an orthopaedic issue.  Knees, backs, and shoulders are only a few of the many joints that may require the expertise and guidance of an orthopaedic doctor to bring things back to normal.  Look for one you can trust, and avoid the doc that is eagerly drooling with knife in hand.

A qualified personal trainer.  I have simply helped too many people achieve goals, and overcome fitness plateaus and exercise related injuries to leave a good trainer off this list.  Whether you need a personal trainer for on-going motivation and accountability, or just to point you or your child in the right direction with an exercise program, a qualified trainer is a resource you need in your corner.

Now for the less obvious choices, but probably the most important ones for your overall health and fitness.

Like-minded friends.  This one is huge!  If you want to be lean, healthy, active, and energetic, you cannot be hanging out with the opposite.  Your environment has a big impact on both your attitude and your actions. Surround yourself with folks that have healthy habits and you will be more likely to achieve or maintain the same.  Ever heard the cliche’ “Birds of a feather flock together”?  You will not reach your goal of soaring with the majestic eagles, when you are hanging out with the scavenging sparrows.  Sorry sparrow lovers.

Yourself.   Know your strengths and weaknesses, especially if fitness is a struggle for you.  You must be an asset to yourself and not a liability. Avoid putting yourself in a place where you will be less likely to succeed. It is self-destructive to buy 8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, with the illusion that you will not down a sleeve of thin mints the minute you get your hands on them. Don’t schedule your workouts in the evening if you know damn well the chances are high that something will come up, forcing you to miss it.   Knowing yourself and intentionally putting yourself in situations where you are more likely to succeed is a critical part of success for any part of life, including fitness.  Know and love yourself enough to set yourself up for success rather than failure.

Good health is boosted with a proactive approach, while bad health is often more reactive.  The best defense is a good offense, and an offense requires action.  Surrounding yourself with people that will compliment your health should be in the first chapter of your play-book.

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