Making Fitness An Adventure!

Let’s face it.  Everyone has suffered from exercise burnout at some point or another.  Whether it is pumping iron or Pilates, you will inevitably go through a lull where you just don’t feel like doing it.  Some of us experience this periodically, while others dread exercise each and every hour of every day.  Whether you love or hate this necessity of healthy living, making your workout an adventure can keep your commitment and motivation sizzling.

Keeping your workouts an adventure does not always mean making it an elaborate or outrageous production, but can simply be doing something to stimulate your mind in some form or another that will keep your outlook a bit fresher and add fuel to conversation at the dinner table.  Creativity and open-mindedness is not mandatory, but certainly is a bonus that will be rewarded with on-going optimism, and we can always use an extra dose of that.

If you want to stick to your current program, consider moving it to a new venue for a workout.  A buddy and I used to travel to different facilities on the weekend to workout in a new environment.  As simple as it sounds, it was surprisingly refreshing to do the same workout in a new place.  I met a lot of new people and ended up discovering an incredible gym, in which I joined as a member.  Golfers love to try new courses, why can’t you try taking your exercise program to a new place?

Walkers and joggers can consider entering a 5K once a month or more.  It can be an incredibly enjoyable social event and you will get a better workout, as your pace will increase unknowingly when you are with a gathering of people.  If a 5K does not interest you, at least be a bit less predictable and try walking or running through a new neighborhood.  I learned the back roads of every neighborhood surrounding my house by turning my jog into an adventure, and taking a new path.

For those that prefer two wheels, there are a host of bike paths, paved or dirt, throughout the area.  Meeting friends for a trip down a new path is a great adventure, and throwing in breakfast to start it or dinner to end it, adds to the healthy quality time.  For an extra dose of adventurism, I suggest taking a mountain bike off-road.  There are easy trails that even the kids will love.

Cross training is not only a great way to optimize your fitness but it also is a fantastic way to expand your interests, your socialization (if desired), and your overall mental stimulation.  Think outside the box and mix in a variety of activities.  Some activities are certainly more challenging than others but it can all contribute to an active lifestyle. A few ideas would be batting cages, yoga, Pilates, rent a row boat or paddleboat at the park, bowling, rent a canoe, take a dance lesson, indoor rock climbing, spinning, driving range, or ice skating.

Now before I get labeled “cheesy” by suggesting bowling is a fitness adventure, let me share my line of thought, as bowling will undoubtedly add to your waistline if enjoyed with the accompanying food and beverage.  Compared to going to a movie or sitting on your butt for dinner and drinks, bowling is more active.

Doing something new or in a new place can be adventurous enough for many to stay focused, and staying focused feeds perseverance.  While activeness is a mandatory part of being fit, perseverance, like in every other realm of life, is a mandatory part of success.

Quit doing the same workout in the place.  Try a new workout, or at least an old workout in a new place.  Live life on the edge and quit being so predictable.  Expand your horizons and break out of the robotic schedule you keep!  Look for ways to make your fitness an adventure and you will make your life the same.


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