Pelvic Floor Muscles, Women, And Sexuality

This is a topic in which I must rise to the occasion to dive deeper, and think inside the box. There will be no pussy-footing around, and I welcome you to snatch a friend and read it together.  If nothing else I have written in the past has inspired to you take action, this one will make you an eager beaver to make a change.  All puns intended.

There is a host of anatomy in your pelvic floor that you probably are not aware of, all of which can give you a key to the door of another dimension, a dimension of unimaginable sexual enjoyment.

In the female perineum lies the bulb of vestibule, which is an erectile tissue that fills with blood during sexual activity and tightens the vaginal opening.  The muscle that lies on top of this is the bulbospongiosus, a sexual response muscle that also contributes to the female’s erection.  Yes, girls get erections too.  This muscle is also a very active contributor to an orgasm, and contracts to narrow the vaginal opening.

If we dive deeper into the pelvic floor we find the pubovaginalis and the pubococcygeus, a part of the levator ani muscle group.  The pubovaginalis is a muscular ring that is a big stimulator for orgasm and also contracts to narrow the vagina.  The pubococcygeus muscle has strong ties to orgasms, narrowing the vagina and a heightened sexual experience.  You can see there is one common theme that lies in the pelvic floor in relation to sex, orgasms and muscular contractions that tighten the vagina.  Now that we have talked about the anatomy, let’s visit about what to do with it.

Having strength, tone, and endurance in your pelvic floor musculature will certainly enhance the experience for all parties involved. The most common exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles are Kegel exercises. These are exercises that involve the contractions of the pelvic floor musculature.

One the best ways to get started with a strengthening program is to first be able to identify the feeling of the muscle contraction.  The easiest way to do this is to stop your urine stream multiple times during micurition. You will quickly sense what this muscular contraction feels like and then be able to perform it at anytime.

It is important when performing Kegel exercises, to not only squeeze together, but also to pull up too.  In the physical therapy world, it is called elevator exercises, pulling up and in.  You must try to be aware of substitution by the abdominals, inner thighs, or your gluteals.  Also, never hold your breath!

The beauty of Kegel exercises is that you can perform them anywhere, anytime. I recommend repeated maximal contractions, held for several seconds, while sitting at a red light in traffic. I’ll be the guy in the lane next to you with a big smile on his face.

There is also a variety of ways to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with vaginal weights. By contracting your pelvic floor muscles against the resistance of weight, you will get much more strength and muscle tone.  Just like when lifting weights with any other muscle.  If you don’t want to invest in weights, you can do the same with a dildo or other sex toy.

Whether you are interested in improving your sexual experience or not, the pelvic floor muscles are a very important group of muscles for women’s health.  They serve a number of purposes including support of your internal organs, and maintaining urinary and fecal continence.  Pelvic floor dysfunction can have a direct relationship to pelvic pain, in addition to low back pain.

The pelvic floor muscles can go through a ton of abuse with child bearing.  They can lose a great deal of tone and strength, and as a result, function.  Urinary leakage is a common problem and one that you do not have to live with.  If you leak when you cough, sneeze, laugh, run, or jump rope, you should strongly consider strengthening your pelvic floor musculature. At Sensible Fitness Personal Training, we have close ties with pelvic floor Physical Therapists, so feel free to contact us if you need a referral.

Years ago, I sat through hours of physical therapy pelvic floor education, and wondered when I would get the chance to share my knowledge and obviously my time has come. I now feel like a cigarette.

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