Personal Trainers Giving Bad Advice

For the average person trying to lose weight, it can be overwhelming to choose the proper diet.  There are literally hundreds of diet programs out there, and they all can be rather convincing when you hear the philosophy that backs them and the testimonials that accompany.  This is especially true when coming from a personal trainer who is often a trusted source.

I have heard of many personal trainers here in Cincinnati, putting an average weight loss client on a strict bodybuilding type of diet.  A bodybuilder tries to get as lean as humanly possible while maintaining or gaining muscle.  When you eliminate the layer of fat beneath the skin, your muscle definition clearly shows, and the very strict “bodybuilder diet’ does just this.  There are a number of philosophies to these diets but they are generally high in protein, and lower in carbs (especially starchy carbs).  When it comes to dietary fat, some allow higher intake while others can have a very low, again it depends on the philosophy.

Lose fat while gaining or maintaining muscle! Sounds like the perfect diet right? Well it actually is, but only for a very short-term.  Like almost every diet on the market, you cannot stick with them for the long haul, which means weeks or months later, you have packed on the pounds again.  Most diets are either very strict or have food combinations that make it difficult to remain compliant, which dooms long-term success.

If your personal trainer puts you on a very strict diet, with multiple supplements, they are doing you an incredible injustice if you want to keep the weight off.  While some people are trying to shed weight fast for an upcoming wedding or the like, most have goals of keeping the weight off for life, and this requires maintaining a dietary lifestyle forever.

Those that have succeeded with weight loss for the long-term are those that have educated themselves about proper nutrition with a balanced diet that can be implemented at home, at work, or at a restaurant. Once you learn about nutrition, all that remains is the discipline to stick with it long enough for it to become a habit.  Once it is a dietary habit, you simply do not think about it anymore and it is your lifestyle.

A truly professional fitness trainer will lead you down the path of success based solely on your fitness goals.  If you told your trainer that you want to lose weight fast but do not intend to keep it off, then bodybuilding diet was good advice.  If your goal was to keep the weight off, look for a more educated and experienced personal trainer.

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