Promoting Weight Loss With Your Holiday Gift!

One of the biggest contributors to stress for myself during the holiday season is buying gifts. Because I am a manly man, I hate to shop.  I would much rather be hanging out in my garage that has a drain in it, and scratch my crotch.  So when I am clueless about what to buy someone, I develop mini-meltdowns.

Yeah, you can take the easy and cheesy route and buy a gym membership for someone, but with an open mind and a little creativity, there are many paths you can take to promote health and weight loss with your holiday giving.  Giving the gift of health can “stick” and keep on giving. Let me share a few ideas.

The biggest battle of weight loss for many is the diet, and you can easily bring a breath of fresh air to a person’s dinner table.  Sure you can have fresh fruit delivered monthly, but lets create a little buzz with the gift!  Look around your community for healthy cooking classes, as this is fantastic idea.  The classes are often held at local colleges or larger grocery stores, and will not only be educational and motivational, but will also be an experience that will be talked about.  It is cool when YOUR gift is the one talked about!

Another dietary gift possibility is having a chef come to someone’s home and prepare a healthy dinner for a small gathering.  This can often turn into somewhat of a cooking class, per se, and with the good food, comes good friends, and great memories.  Along the same line, there are businesses that will deliver pre-made healthy meals, straight to a doorstep.  A series of fresh healthy meals makes life easy for the recipient and will bring nothing but smiles.

If cooking classes or hiring a chef has too many calories for your wallet, consider a membership to an on-line nutrition program.  We recently added an incredible on-line system to the Sensible Fitness web site that allows people to build their own diets, with foods that they enjoy, that are 100% balanced to meet their own personal goals.  Or they can simply choose from thousands of successful balanced diets built by others with the same goals.  It is like having a nutritionist at your fingertips, for less than ten bucks a month.

To promote activity, I applaud practicality and encourage creativity.  The practical approach would be the same recommendation I have always had, a heart rate monitor.  These come with lots of bells and whistles nowadays, and will do about everything except perform the exercise for you.  This gift insures you are always in the fat-burning zone, as many of us slip out of it as we daydream during cardio.

The creative approach to promoting activity can vary greatly based on the abilities of the person.  Indoor rock climbing lessons is a very unique gift for the young or young at heart.  Ballroom dance lessons or scuba diving lessons are another great way to promote an active lifestyle for people of all ages. If you have a larger budget, consider one of the many fitness cruises that are offered.  Maybe it should be for two?

I certainly cannot skip over the gift of personal training.  A very thoughtful wife bought her husband Marc, a package of personal training sessions at Christmas.  When his sessions were done, Marc was in the habit of exercising, and had the knowledge needed to perform a safe and effective program by himself at his home or gym.  He left us saying that this gift was “not only life changing, but also life saving”.  How many times have you given or received a gift that was classified as life changing or life saving?

Before you wrap the box, first think outside of it, and sneak in a gift that will be talked about in the holiday seasons to come. A clever gift that directly or indirectly promotes health might prove to be life changing and life saving for your loved one.

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