Sex and Romance: Women Impressing Women

After waiting 30 years to get married and then jumping back into the “singles scene” ten years later, I have seen many different perspectives regarding relationships and women.  Not only am I now older and wiser, but I also see things now that I never noticed before, like how women try to impress other women, and how catty they can be toward more shapely women.

Unlike the females of other species, who are homely and camouflaged in order to hide and protect the nest, human females are the highly decorated ones.  I mean, just how many different forms of cosmetics go on a woman’s head alone?  How many products go on the hair, the eyes, the face, and the lips? OMG!  Then we have the rest of the body:  the nails, the soaps, oils and lotions for the skin, and all the outfits. And we cannot forget the 40 pairs of shoes.  Hell, I brush my teeth and that is only on a good day.  Wink!

What is all the decoration for?  My first intuition is to attract or keep romance.  Isn’t the goal of every warm-blooded woman to find, and to keep, a life-long partner and live the fairytale of bliss and happiness? To have the security of not being alone the rest of their life?  I think this is a respectable goal, and one I personally share.

I often question if my first intuition is wrong though.  I sometimes wonder if women get decked out to impress other women.  Don’t women know that men don’t really care about the hair products, the eyeliner, or the nails?  The only time I care that you have nails is when I want them scratching my back.  Men’s big thing is respectable figure.  Not a perfect figure, just a respectable one.  Simply having the curves that make a woman, a woman.

I am sure that cosmetics and accessories help a woman feel more attractive, and thus better about herself, but is this a band-aid for the deeper wounds to the soul that being unhealthy brings?  Take away the products and is the self-esteem and feelings of beauty still there?  These should be accessories to your beauty, not the foundation of it.

It is certainly easier to take the path of least resistance and sit in a chair, getting the instant gratification of a manicure, but is that really what you need?  Isn’t taking the path of least resistance another way of saying “sedentary lifestyle”?  And everyone knows where a sedentary lifestyle takes your health and appearance.

If the goal is to find a new romance, or to keep the romance alive with your current partner, my advice would be to direct your effort toward being healthy.  Both women and men instinctually want a healthy, strong partner that can provide for the family. Whether is be the courting and mating rituals of animals, or that of humans, the winner is usually the one that displays strength and health.  And with that strength and health come vitality and confidence, traits very attractive to both genders.

Now, before you call me shallow, show me a woman who would actively seek out an unhealthy man, or one who would not appreciate their man maintaining a nice physique.  While men certainly are more visual, deep down I think we are standing on common ground.

Now the bad news.  Once you make the choice (and don’t kid yourself, it is your choice) to dump the lackadaisical lifestyle and get your act together, you will have a whole new set of problems; how to deal with the unhappy, catty, jealous, women.   When a shapely and confident woman walks into the room you can often see other women picking them apart in their head, with a “that bitch” look on their face.

Yes, you will be have to be extra nice to win over the catty women who will choose to be “unfriendly” toward you, simply because you look good.  Some women will be catty when they don’t even know you,  as your appearance alone is enough to remind them of their own underlying unhappiness, causing the claws to come out.

So to all the catty women out there, I ask you to retract your claws, and consider developing a new attitude:  If you cannot beat em’ (and you rarely will), join em’.  See you at the gym!


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