Starting A New Chapter In Life With New Traditions!

Oyster stew on Christmas Eve!  That was the tradition that I grew up with as a child, and I actually looked forward to it, as my parents told me there was always a chance of getting a valuable pearl in one of the oysters.  Surely many of your traditions have faded when you moved from home and started your own family, as did the oyster stew, but it is never too late to start something new.

The new traditions I have started with my son all seem to revolve around holidays, birthdays, and good report cards, but not all traditions have to be a based on reward or celebration.  As I recently learned from a Sensible Fitness client, some can just be for the hell of it.

Joan Fox has a tradition among family and friends that promotes an active lifestyle with a dose of unusualness on the side. She said it all started at 1am on January 1st, many years ago, when someone came up with the bright idea of going to Brookville Lake and do the Polar Bear Plunge before noon the same day.  For those of you not familiar with the Polar Bear Plunge, it is jumping into an ice-cold body of water in the middle of winter!  Of course all ideas sound good when it is 1am and everyone three sheets to the wind, but somehow this one stuck.

Just hours later, the group of friends drug their butts out of their warm and cozy beds, packed up, and drove to Brookeville Lake on New Years Day, only strip to bathing suits and jump into the frigid waters. Everyone made the plunge and it was such a rush they decided to start a tradition:  Do something new, active, and unusual before noon on New Years day!

From that date, the friends have taken turns on choosing the new, active, and unusual event that is completed before noon on New Year’s Day.  What an incredible way to start a new year!

Since taking the Polar Bear Plunge, they have run/walked the Frostbite 5K in Ft. Thomas, KY, went tubing at Perfect North Slopes, and drove to The Elk Creek Hunt Club in Owenton, KY, where everyone took a shot at skeet shooting with a private instructor.  The 2010 event is a scavenger hunt at the Cincinnati Zoo that is being put together by an independent source.

Add this tradition of Joan’s to Cincinnati’s Thanksgiving Day Race that her family (and many others) participates in, and you can see the inklings of a healthy and active lifestyle, complete with memories that will make you smile for a lifetime.

Life is too damn short to live a robotic life.  Break out of your oh-so predictable mold!  Start a new chapter in life with some memory building traditions that are both active and healthy. Be sure to share your experiences with me, as I love to hear these stories!

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