Swimsuit Season Approaches: Top 5 Things To Do

The worst part of breaking out the summer clothes is imagining what you will look like in them. Yikes!

It takes most people a couple months or more to dump the pounds that seem to creep on over the colder months.  Now is the time to buckle down and pay your dues, in order to look respectable in the revealing clothing that warmer weather brings.

Here are the top 5 things to do:

1.  Exercise.  Turn the mush into muscle!  The calorie burning that cardiovascular exercise offers coupled with the toning and sculpting that strength training offers, is the best combination.  You can make considerable changes in firmness by hitting the weights 3X per week for several weeks.

2.  Be carb-conscious. By no means eliminate carbohydrates, but rather be aware of the sources of your carbs.  Starches (breads, cereals, rice, pastas, potatoes, etc.) are packed with calories and should be enjoyed in moderation.  If sugar, or sweetener of any sort, is listed in the top 3 ingredients, avoid that food.  Try eating more fibrous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, or asparagus.

3.  Limit treats. I am not saying limit snacks, because a healthy snack can be great between meals.  I am saying to limit treats.  Treats are enjoyed once in a blue moon, not multiple times per week.  A 100-calories treat every day equals nearly one pound of fat per month.

4.  Avoid late-night eating.  If you eat an hour or two before bed, those calories are not going to get burned and will be stored as fat in all the places that a swimsuit will not hide.

5.  Quit it.  Each person has their own bad habits, and you know what they are.  Now quit it.  If you are not guilty of the aforementioned sinfulness, work on eliminating your worst habit.  The success will fuel your motivation to tackle more.

Just like cramming for a test, now is the time to stay focused and get the job done.  If you cannot muster the motivation, make yourself accountable to a personal trainer, as this greatly increases your commitment and boosts your success.


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