The Best Choice For Home Gym Equipment

Too many people do not understand the limitations of equipment until after their investment and then realize they shoulda’, woulda’, coulda’ spent their money elsewhere.  Let me save you time and money while delivering the best opportunity for gaining your hard earned fitness.

First lets talk about cardiovascular training equipment.  I am going to make this as simple as possible.  Purchase the piece of equipment that you can enjoy to some extent, that is safe and appropriate for your needs, and that you can tolerate to be on for many hours each month, month after month.

If you have bad knees a stepper might be a bad choice, and if you have very poor coordination and balance you might reconsider a treadmill purchase.  I also suggest using a piece of equipment for a week or two to be sure you like it before purchasing.  This might involve a short-term gym membership, which will save you in the long run, as treadmills make very expensive clothes hangers.

When it comes to strength training equipment, I love the variety and versatility that free weights, particularly dumbbells, offer.  Couple them with a stability ball, an adjustable bench and maybe some rubber tubing and you have a very inexpensive set-up.

Free weights will help your family with a wide range of goals.  The woman of the house might want to tone up, the man might want to add a little size to his arms, and the teenager might want to improve athletic performance.  Free weights cover all the bases, while machines will lead to plateaus from their lack of versatility.  I would suggest getting a set of dumbbells starting at 5 pounds and going up to 30 pounds for beginners, or well beyond for the stronger men.

Free weights do have some limitations, especially when training your upper and mid-back muscles, as you are limited to rowing type motions.  This is the reason I included rubbing tubing in your wish list.  With rubber tubing, you can not only gain a great deal of exercise variations for all muscle groups, but also incorporate a “pulldown” motion that will hit back muscles from a new angle compared to solely the rowing motion.  I would suggest a variety of different strength tubes, sometimes using multiple tubes at the same time for stronger muscles.

A stability, or swiss ball, is a great tool for nearly every muscle in the body, but especially for your abs and other core muscles.  You must get a stability ball that will deflate slowly if punctured.  The cheaper balls can burst suddenly and this can be a huge safety issue. Look for a ball that has some sort of “slow deflate system”.

Part of your investment in this inexpensive set up is learning the large variety of exercises that can be done with your equipment.  Many of the traditional exercises that you can perform can be seen in fitness magazines but they are limited, and if you are performing them incorrectly there is nobody there to correct you.  So I suggest a session or two with a knowledgeable trainer to teach you a large variety of exercises, along with how to perform them correctly.  In addition to this a professional trainer can set you up with the proper frequency and intensity for your workouts to meet your goals.  Too many people try to throw together their own program and get discouraged with limited results.  Do it right from the beginning and reap the benefits of efficient and productive workouts.


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