The Food Attitude. Change it or pack on the pounds!

Food. What is it? The dictionary defines it as a material that provides living things with the nutrients they need for energy and growth. In fact, all of the secondary definitions relate to nourishment for the mind and body. It is essential for life, yet it is viewed as an enemy for those battling their weight. Food is not bad, but your attitude toward it certainly might be, and a bad food attitude leads to a bulging belly.

Attitude is everything. Once, when I was in a rush and got caught by a red light in traffic,I said‚ “Dang! I wanted to get through that green light,” and my son, who was 3 years old, said from his car seat, “It’s OK, Dad, we will be the first people to go when it turns green.” Life is full of choices, and the attitude you choose to take with food, unlike getting stopped by a red light, can have huge implications on you, your health, and your entire family and their health.

I have yet to find a definition of food that includes the words pleasure, enjoyment or comfort, but many people choose to implement those words into meals. They have an attitude that eating should always make them feel good. In fact, humans are the only creatures that I can think of that view food this way.

Does a lion ever say, “Hmm, a wildebeest sure sounds tasty. I am going to go get one”? No, they eat whatever is available to sustain life. Does that mean that each meal we eat should be bark and bean sprouts? No. But an attitude of eating for nourishment vs.pleasure is a step in the right direction.

Many years ago, I ate for pleasure. I put butter and sour cream on my potato and cheese on my broccoli. Then I unintentionally and permanently changed my eating habits by eating very healthy for a few months to enter a bodybuilding contest. After four months of eating plain baked potatoes and steamed broccoli, it became a habit that is still with me nearly 20 years later. You can do the same if it is important enough to you.

I see the same attitude changes with the clients at the Sensible Fitness Personal Training Center. After a few months, diet and exercise become a habit, and the attitude toward food and exercise becomes positive. Being in the fitness industry for more than two decades, I have found the fatter the person, the more plentiful the excuses and the more powerful the negative attitude toward healthy living.

Try it with someone considerably overweight. Casually bring up a topic related to weight loss, and see how quickly they throw out an obstacle that stands in front of them. It will be immediate, and if the conversation continues, they will be plentiful, guaranteed. Your attitude is a crystal ball to your future, and you must change it, if you want to change you!

Americans suffer more from the bad food attitude than others on Earth. We make poor choices and eat huge portions and blame something else. It is never our own fault –someone or something else is to blame. ‚ “I don’t have time to eat healthy,” “I had to goto a party,” “I was stressed,” or “I was bored” are a few examples.

Take a trip to Europe and you will see a much thinner population. That is odd. They have busy schedules, parties, stress and boredom there, too. A good food attitude can sprout when you eliminate bull sh*t excuses and point the finger at the person who feeds the mouth.

I challenge you to change your food attitude. Throw in some healthy food simply because it is good for you. Look for other ways to deal with your issues. Eat two-thirds as much as you currently do. Stop being a baby and practice some discipline and self control. Take responsibility for your poor choices. Quit making excuses. Look up the definition of “food” in Webster’s Dictionary and live by it 90 percent of the time.


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