The Injuries Of Springtime

Most of us have made the same mistake at some point in our life.  It is when we think we can do something that we physically are not prepared to do, and we end up injured.  It can be from something as simple as planting a few flats of flowers in the garden, or jumping right into the warm weather sporting activities.  After a long cold winter of decreased activity, even what seems to be the slightest physical activity brings a threat to be considered.

If you are lucky you only end up with muscle soreness, from which you will rebound in a day or two, but the unlucky folks may need weeks and even medical intervention to recover.  Right now physical therapy clinics are booming with low back injuries from gardening, and ankle, knee, and hip injuries from the long list of springtime sports activities.

The advice is the same for the backyard gardener and the week warrior athlete.  Ease into activities that you have not performed recently and let your body get used to them.  But since you probably will ignore this suggestion, let me give you the next best bit of advice.  Warm up the muscles that you will engaging, and make sure they are flexible and strong. When your muscles are warm, flexible and strong, the abuse can be more easily absorbed and distributed vs. being piled upon your bodily tissues that should not be bearing the brunt.

While you can be injured from a single trauma, like a twisted ankle, many injuries are from overuse, such as repeatedly bending over planting flowers, or the constant pounding that your entire lower body endures with a running program.  Overuse injuries are all to common and sometimes we do not realize they are happening until it is too late.  You might feel a slight “twinge”, but nothing intense enough to make you stop, so you keep on going, then at the end of the day you are crippled on the couch popping Advil like they are Tic-Tacs.

The beauty of this topic is that I win, no matter which path you chose to take.  As a personal trainer who is also a physical therapist assistant, I can either help your get your butt in shape to prevent injury, or I can help you recover from one after your rehab. But I am going to rely the job security I have with folks trying to tone up and lose a few pounds for summer, and share some video of how to prevent the injuries all by yourself!

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