The Secret to Losing Weight and Getting Fit

Ahhh, the magic pill. The secret formula. Everyone looks for a new, previously undiscovered way to lose weight and get fit.  While infomercials, books, and diets revolve around the secrets of the stars, here’s the real secret: you already know everything you need to have a body that’s a bomb.

Successful weight control is not a secret, it’s a self-revelation. Take a deeper look inside yourself and see. Is there an enemy within you trying to convince you that there is a secret to fitness that you don’t know?  Is there a tiny voice promising that there’s a diet or a workout that you are not aware of, that will give you success? There probably is. But it lies. I give you more credit and proclaim that you have all the answers, and I will prove it…

If you want to lose weight, what is the better choice:
Steamed brown rice, or french fries?
Baked potato with butter, or fresh broccoli?
Skip breakfast, or a bagel with jelly and a glass of milk?

I could easily list 20 more questions and you would probably get them all right, or enough of them to be thin. You know what to do; you just don’t do it. The same holds true with exercise. You might not know the ins and outs of weight training, but you can certainly do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, or a jogging program. You just don’t do it.

I want you to quit listening to the enemy within you that makes excuses.  The enemy tells you that you don’t have time, that your bad knee won’t let you, that you cannot afford it, that you have bad genes, that you have a slow metabolism, that you will start after the kids soccer season is over, etc.  Be honest enough with yourself to realize what is really going on.  You know you should be exercising, but it is not fun, and so you don’t do it. If I can lead you to this realization, I can lead you to success.

Here is what I hear from people a few weeks into a fitness program:
“I have so much more energy”
“I am sleeping so much better”
“I don’t need blood pressure medicine anymore”
“I looked better than the other women”
“I feel so much better about myself”
“People treat me so much differently”

If the benefits are so compelling, why don’t people stick with the program? What does the crappy eating and laziness do for a person that outweighs the benefits of thinness, high self-esteem, health, and happiness? I have said for years that the battle is not against the dinner table, the refrigerator, or the treadmill. The battle is against yourself. You are your own worst enemy.

Oprah is a classic example.  She has everything at her fingertips, but unless she makes herself accountable for her exercise, she backslides. She is an incredibly successful, focused and driven woman, but she needs a trainer to force her to do it. If you struggle making yourself exercise, but know that you need to be doing it, you must make yourself accountable.

With the holidays approaching, now is the absolute worst time to listen to enemy within. Any day now, that crafty inner voice is going to start singing Thanksgiving songs and Christmas carols. “Nobody can lose weight over the holidays,” “It’s just a small serving of pumpkin pie,” “Just a little glass of eggnog.” There are so many holiday excuses, but the truth is that if you listen to them, you will continue to gain weight.

As health and fitness professional, I suggest that you to quit chasing weight loss and fitness secrets that do not exist. Instead, take a brutally honest look at what your future has in store with your current direction. And take a brutally honest look at what is going on in your head, because it is there that the choice between victory and defeat are made into reality.

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