Toning And Sculpting Flabby Arms

The backside of your arm is often a concern for all, but especially women, as they can frequently store extra fat there, which gives the arm a saggy and loose appearance that jiggles when you hold it up and wave your hand. A well-rounded exercise program can firm, tone, and tighten up the tricep muscle, giving the arm a very appealing look, and I will show you the path.

First let’s establish what makes us look saggy, loose, or soft.  Often it is due to lack of muscle tone.  Muscle tone and muscle firmness are terms that can be interchanged.  When a muscle is not frequently stimulated with challenging exercise, it loses firmness and becomes soft.  Grab the arm of someone who does not workout and compare it to someone who does and you will feel the difference. A layer of fat covering a muscle can also contribute to a soft appearance.  Put a layer of fat over an already soft, unused muscle and you have double trouble.

If you have read my articles before you already know how to get rid of the fat covering a muscle, which is with a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise, so now I am going to focus on firming up the triceps with strength training.  A common mistake people make is to perform the same exercises or the same motion for a muscle.  The triceps is responsible for elbow extension and shoulder extension, but most people have their entire program focused on elbow extension, which is straightening the elbow.  The more popular tricep exercises including pushdowns, dips, lying tricep extensions (skull crushers), and overhead tricep extensions all focus on elbow extension.

The tricep is made up of 3 different “heads”, the biggest of which is the long head of the tricep.  The long head goes from the elbow past the shoulder and this muscle is critical for a long lean appearance to the arm.  It is the only muscle of the tricep to help with shoulder extension, which is pulling your arm behind you, past your midline, similar to elbowing someone behind you.  This motion is often missed in training programs.

In conclusion, always try to mix up your exercises to constantly stimulate both the muscle and the mind. Performing the same exercises over time will lead to plateaus for your muscle’s appearance and boredom for your brain.


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