Vary Your Exercises–Avoid Boredom and Maximize Weight Loss

Exercise can be so boring!  When I was training to become Mr. Ohio, I actually loved to lift weights, but as I have aged I do not see the entertainment value in lifting heavy things.  The same goes with running on a treadmill, riding a stationary bike or elliptical, or even an aerobics class.  They all get monotonous over time, which is why this personal trainer hires another personal trainer to make me do it!  But exercise can be found in many avenues, some of which are actually fun.

If you are heading to the gym to exercise, it is very easy to talk yourself out of it because these workouts are often a form of uncomfortable exertion that offers little stimulation to the brain. A great way to combat these feelings is to participate in a variety of calorie burning activities that not only will be a great way to cross train, but also an excellent way to meet new friends and surround yourself with health conscious people.

Here are some alternative forms of calorie burning activities that will make weight loss fun:

Boot Camps

This is a popular fad.  Many Cincinnati gyms offer them and they are usually a form of circuit training that often incorporates unusual forms of exercise.  The large variety of ever-changing exercises and the short period of time spent on each one, make Boot Camps popular for those with Exercise Attention Deficit Disorder.


Getting outside to hike during the warm months is a no-brainer. My son and I have spent hours in Sharon Woods, but there are many other great parks with forests in Cincinnati. In colder months, put on your boots and make your own trail.  The winter months make this much more enjoyable because of the missing underbrush (and poison ivy) which is a tripping hazard.  Also, without the foliage on the trees, you can really enjoy the contour of the land.

Indoor Rock Climbing

This is a fantastic way to build strength and endurance while at the same time working on flexibility as you reach for the hard to get hand and foot placements.  Most facilities have many levels of difficulty, which makes it great for families and people of any fitness level.  Climb Time and Rock Quest are two of the hot spots in Cincinnati.

Roller Skating

Just like jumping rope, roller-skating is something you probably have not done since you were a kid.  Although certainly not intense exercise, you will be moving, and moving is a part of an active lifestyle.  I did this for the first time since childhood and my inner thighs were lit up the next day, so don’t be surprised if after the first visit to the rink you feel like you had a workout.

Hash House Harriers

This one takes the cake.  They describe themselves as a “drinking club with a running problem.”  The Sin City Hash House Hares and Harriettes meet bi-weekly and walk or run 3-6 miles on what is a “modified pub crawl”.  You do not have to be a drinker to participate, but there is plenty of beer available if you are so inclined. Of course, drinking beer does not encourage weight loss, but these folks don’t care. Open to people of all fitness levels.  Would you believe that almost every major city in the U.S. has a club?  I will drink to that!

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg!  You can join a volleyball, wiffle ball or kickball league, take a weekly trip to batting cages (baseball and softball enthusiasts), or take ballroom dance lessons.  There truly is something for everyone out there who has the desire to live a more active life and maximize their weight loss. You just have to take the first step and make it happen!


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