Weight Loss: Losing The Last Few Pounds

If you are down to the last few pounds, you are now at the toughest point of weight loss.  Because I have seen many individuals with unrealistic expectations at this point in their fitness, I want you to have you ask yourself some questions, as I also try to guide you through this phase of weight loss.

Are you being realistic?  I have had too many women with very flat stomachs complain about the fat on their abs.  They are already a size 2 but want to get to a zero, and I do not agree with the ethicalness of promoting these goals.  Fat is a part of a human body, especially a woman’s, and you will not eliminate it entirely.  You need to keep your head on straight when looking in the mirror and be realistic with your weight loss expectations and goals.

Are you keeping your genetics in mind?  If the women in your family generally have saddlebags, you are predisposed to this also.  You can make them much smaller, but you may not be able to rid yourself of them completely and get the dents in the side of your butt.  Being realistic about your weight loss goals is very important, and often difficult without a professional outside opinion.

Are you working out at high intensity?  This is a huge mistake for many struggling with weight loss.  If you are not exercising well out of your comfort zone, you will not shed the last few pounds or sculpt your body to it’s finest.  A body that is above average is backed by a workout that is also above average.
Sorry, but this eliminates walking.  Walking is considered “activity”, unless you are older or obese, then you may be out of your comfort zone and it is exercise.

Is your workout properly established?  If you are doing the same thing all of the time, you will plateau.  You need lots of variety to give new stimulation to your metabolism, your heart, and your muscles.  Muscles have memory and will accommodate and become “comfortable” with the same workout that is repeated.  Mixing it up can rev your metabolism, and your motivation to keep going!

How much cheating are you really doing on the diet?  People are often in denial about what is actually going into their mouth.  Junk food, overeating healthy snacks/foods, alcohol, or occasional sweets all add up.  Write down EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth for a month and then look at the big picture.  This can be an eye-opener.

How active is your entire life?  Working out intensely 4 hours per week is great, but if you are sitting your butt the rest of the time, it is a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  With 168 hours in each week, if you are active only 4 of them, you are active less than 3% of the time.  Do you have to workout 20 hours a week?  No.  But you can take the stairs, park far away at the store, join a volleyball league, walk the golf course, take dance lessons, walk or ride your bike to the store, play kickball with your kids, or take them swimming or sledding and actually participate, plant a garden, join a litter clean up patrol, etc.

By looking at each of these aspects of your fitness, and addressing them, you should be able to achieve the last few pounds of weight loss, and make yourself a much healthier person at the same time.


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