Weight Loss Makeover Madness

While I seem to dread the arrival of the grey skies of winter in southern Ohio, I do like the change of seasons, and also the change of the wardrobe.  Breaking out the sweaters and leather coats is a nice change after the dog days of summer.  Likewise, many people turn to various forms of “makeovers” to get the fresh feeling that change offers.

Some makeovers are a temporary fix, such as a wardrobe makeover, or a new hairstyle.  Clothing and hairstyles often change with the times, as they can be trendy.  The temporary makeovers are refreshing, but are not with you years later, and then “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling”.  If you are looking for permanent change, and don’t want to lose that lovin’ feeling, your makeover needs to be a jump start to change.

The appealing part of a quick fix makeover is that you get immediate gratification.  New clothing, and hairstyle in a matter of hours, and you feel better already.  But the bigger makeovers of the body take time, and success is measured month-to-month, or year-to-year.  So if changing your body’s appearance is something you are planning to tackle, plan on exercising plenty of perseverance and patience.

If you are making over your body, your efforts should be focused on the part of your body that lies between your ears.  There is nothing you can do that will make a permanent change unless you first change your thoughts.  Many people are striving to improve themselves through change, and because of this the self-help industry in a multi-million dollar one.  The people looking deeper than the reflection in the mirror are the ones on the right track.

Unfortunately, the cosmetic surgeons have entered the makeover market.  I don’t mean to slam the surgeons, as it is really not their fault, but I get frustrated with the weight loss surgeries that are a part of most body makeovers.  Unless the patient changes their lifestyle, liposuction and tummy tucks are a temporary fix and the fat returns.  After seeing this happen repeatedly, I wonder if the surgeon fails to inform the patient of this, or if the patient just does not listen.  Weight loss and body sculpting is not done with a knife, it is done with a change of attitude, a change of behavior, and plenty of hard work.

The before and after pictures of makeover can be dramatic and powerful, but without the cosmetic surgeons knife, weight loss and body sculpting makeovers take longer than a studio audience is willing to wait.  You have to fight of the urge for immediate results when changing your body’s appearance.  It took time to get out of shape, likewise, it takes time to get back into shape, and it can take even longer to break the bad behaviors that took you from fit to fat.

If you are trying to change your body’s appearance, look at yourself one year later to determine your success.  Even a small change, for better or worse, is a very accurate gauge to where you are heading in the years to come!

I encourage makeovers of any sort, as they energize the spirit.  At the same time I think it is practical to be realistic if you are searching for a quick fix or a permanent change, and adjust your efforts and measurement of success accordingly.  More power to the new you!

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