Weight Loss When Traveling. Is it possible?

Traveling makes weight loss a huge challenge.  Whether it is the vacationer or the business traveler, if you are traveling it will take tremendous effort to stick to a healthy eating plan to control your weight.  The big variable is how much traveling you are doing, because that will be the difference between accepting a few pounds of weight gain and having a continual fight against it.

First the vacation traveler.  If you are on vacation for several days, I tell healthy people to accept a few pounds of weight gain and enjoy yourself.  Vacations are supposed to be fun and this means enjoying fine food and drink.  If you are already living a healthy lifestyle, you will drop the weight over the next few weeks after you get home.

If you are currently overweight, you are not in a good place for traveling. Your choices are to say “the hell with it” and enjoy vacation while slapping on a few extra pounds that you really don’t need, or depriving yourself and not getting the full enjoyment of your time away.  I recommend trying to eat relatively healthy, maybe enjoying the fresh and healthy cuisnine native to the place you are visiting, with a night or two of “cheating”.  Maintaining weight during a vacation is considered a success, and gaining a pound or two is nothing to be ashamed of.

The folks who really have it rough are the business travelers.  Busy schedules, dinner meetings, entertaining with food and drink, and eating on the go are probably the norm rather than the exception.  This will tax your dietary discipline to the max.  You can make the wisest of choices at restaurants, but it is still going to be a rough road controlling your weight.

Hopefully you already know what to eat and not to eat, but having the self-control to do the right thing will be tough when your business partner is taunting you with chicken wings and potato skins, not to mention the spirits that will be flowing like a river. If you are in this situation more than a handful of times each month, it unfortunately is your lifestyle, and it will impact your waistline in no time. You must have dietary boundaries.

My advice to the business traveler is to find a balance.  A balance between how much indulging you partake in on the road, and what you are doing when at home.  If you travel frequently and are indulging a bit, you better be a saint when you are at home.  Don’t sit on your coach at home, with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates, in denial that your weight gain is the result of your travel schedule.

Traveling can be speed bump or a continual fight against the battle of the bulge, depending on your situation.  When you are playing poker, you have to look at the hand that is dealt, and decide how to play it the best way.  The same goes for your travel schedule and your pursuit for living healthy. Luckily, you are the dealer and have control of the cards.

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