Here is a piece of a recent email I received from Erica Gripp, who earned 1st place in a Master’s Figure Competition.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!  That’s me at 60 years young.  Yes, I am in denial because I feel better than I did at 30!

Thank God for the gifts of discipline, perseverance, and commitment. (Having Charlie Gripp as my husband is a huge bonus, too, since he does the majority of the grocery shopping and meal prep.)

Doug, first of all, THANK YOU, for taking such good care of my dear, dear, friend, Debbie!

She loves you guys and I sincerely appreciate all of the support, encouragement, and guidance you give her.

2nd of all – tell your “senior citizen clientele” that they are never too old to accomplish their fitness goals.

And also, tell them that SUGAR IS THE DEVIL!!  These pix are from when I competed in the Monster Mash Competition.

See what you started?!?!?!  A healthy, fit, lifestyle is a good addiction. : -)Erica15a



Doug sets the record straight…

I often hear gals saying the muscularity is not appealing.  Let me school you.

With this type of competition, the contestant gets super lean, through diet and exercise, so that muscle definition is easily seen on contest day.  After going back to a normal healthy lifestyle, a thin layer of welcomed fat covers Erica’s muscles, and then she goes back to merely looking incredibly smoking hot.

So don’t be a hater and say “I would not want to look like that”.  Trust me, you would.

Look ya’ll, no bra bubbles!

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