best gym in Cincinnati





Sensible Fitness Personal Training is the choice for best gym in Cincinnati because of the non-intimidating atmosphere, the cleanliness of the facility, and the education and experience of our staff.

Many people first enter a huge mainstream gym are overwhelmed with anxiety and self-consciousness. If you are not familiar with fitness equipment, or designing your own workout program, the stress can be insurmountable. It is not uncommon for a personal trainer to give you a free demonstration of a few pieces of equipment, but they are quickly gone, leaving you alone and helpless. And often the quality of personal trainers in mainstream gyms can be questionable to begin with.

Sensible Fitness often has people come into our facility to learn a program (Do It Yourself Program) to perform at their own gym for the reasons aforementioned. A session or two with a highly qualified personal trainer sends you back to your gym with confidence and less anxiety.  Some people come to us for a few weeks for private or small group training, and then they are totally comfortable in a gym.

So back to the main topic…what is the best gym in Cincinnati?

You cannot exclude the argument for the best gym in Cincinnati being the facility that offers the greatest variety of services. Group fitness classes, swimming, yoga, basketball, massage, racquetball,….the list goes on and on. Are all of these amenities something  you will actually use though?  Throw into these long lists of services and you have to consider how many of them are included with your membership and how many are an up-charge.

It is nearly impossible to give an objective analysis of what constitutes the best gym in Cincinnati, when there are so many personal preferences that influence this decision. The best thing to do is make a list of your needs, which likely will include location, and find the best fit for you from those choices.