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How do you find the best personal trainer in Cincinnati?  It seems like multiple outlets in Cincinnati have their own “awards” for the best plastic surgeon, the best photography studio, and yes….the best personal trainer in Cincinnati.  How do these media outlets pick the “best”?  Is it maybe the personal training center that advertised with their magazine the most?  Could it be on-line voting where every sister, brother and cousin votes for their family member?  I can tell you one thing…it is not with an objective investigation of education and experience.

Sure you might want your personal trainer to have a fit appearance.  And you may also want them to have positive attitude, be full of energy, and also very personable.  These are great attributes for you trainer to have, but those are mainly personality traits.  Personality traits do not give you the knowledge to develop a safe and effective exercise protocol.  Throw into the mix that many people have orthopedic or other medical issues and the need for true blue education and extensive experience grows exponentially.

The moral of this story is that education and experience is what determines the best trainer.  You are entrusting your health and quality of life to your personal trainer when you hire them.  Uneducated and inexperienced trainers have a much higher chance of injuring a client.  Sensible Fitness is owned and operated by Physical Therapy professional, and specializes in training mature adults with the “aches and pains” of an aging body.  You can see our medical endorsements by clicking here if interested.

So my advice is buyer beware.  Keep in mind that a “certified personal trainer” in Cincinnati, or anywhere in the USA for that matter, does not have to meet educational requirements.  Personal training is a 100% self-regulated industry.  If this scares you, and it should, please read an article on this topic by clicking here.

Sensible Fitness is committed to giving you the best personal trainer in Cincinnati by assuring our trainers have the highest level of education, exceptional experience, and are just all around super cool people.  That has been our winning formula for over 21 years, and what makes our trainers the best in Cincinnati.


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