Fat-free! This was big in the 90s, but fat-free does not mean healthy.  What it does mean is high in sugar and/or sodium.

Cut the Carbs!  Thanks to the resurrection of Dr. Adkins book from the 1950s, people jumped on the bandwagon of a high-fat and low carb diet. Many still are mistakenly cutting carbs today.

Vegan and Vegetarian!  Most people immediately think “healthy” when they hear these terms, but do not be fooled.  Potato chips and onion rings fall into this category!  Vegan and vegetarian simply refers to limiting or eliminating animal protein, but it does not limit fat, sugar, or processed foods.  Vegan and Vegetarian can be very unhealthy!

Gluten Free!  Just like above, many people automatically think “healthy”.  No way Jose’!  There can be plenty of processed carbohydrates, sugar, and fat in a gluten free diet.   

Slow down little doggie!  And quit chasing your tail with the latest food fad.  People trying these fads are simply wasting their time and money.  Healthy never changes or goes out of style.

Invest in yourself and learn about healthy eating habits and then start slowly heading that direction.  Even if it takes you a couple of years, you will be decades ahead of the tail chasers!

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