Mars Food, the company behind Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s sauces says some products should only be consumed once a week due to high salt, sugar, or fat content.  A major food company acknowledging this is great news!  They also will also begin distinguish between “everyday” and “occasional” food items on their food packaging and website.

Salt, sugar, and fat is what appeals to the human palate, and the company said some products have higher levels to maintain the authentic taste of the item.  Mars hopes to transition their food recipes so that 95% of their products will fall into the “everyday” category, and only 5% in the “occasional”.  This is along the lines of the Sensible Fitness philosophy, which is to have 90-95% of food to be from very healthy sources and the remaining 5-10% to be from more relaxed food choices.

While this move is being applauded by many health advocates, there are those that are still not happy, since the people who need the most help (obese) are usually not “food label readers” to begin with.

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