Can you believe everything you read?

~ Have a 6-pack in 3 weeks!

~ Lose 15 pounds in 15 days!

~ Eat more and lose weight!

Walk through checkout lane in your local grocery store and you will see it. We are bombarded by books and magazines that promote the easiest and best way to reach our fitness goals. Before you believe everything that you read, let me give you a healthy dose of skepticism along with a few facts that will save you time chasing the easy way to a rock hard naughty body.

What is the ultimate goal of magazine publishers?  To get your money.  They want you to buy the magazine! Would you buy a magazine or book with a cover that said: “Exercise intensely and eat steamed broccoli!” No.  Just like the nightly news has “teasers” for the great story “tonight at 11”, magazine and book publishers are not only going to spice up their headlines to grab your attention, but they also will try every angle, including stretching the truth, to entice you to take the bait.

I was fortunate enough to have a great friend who was a professional body builder, and the author of articles in major magazines.  When I read the article of his “Bicep blasting workout”, I knew that the workout did not match what was being done in the gym.  When I asked about it, it all made sense.  Magazines repeat article topics constantly and since there had been an article on the biceps written just months before, you have to make yours different in order to sell.

My advice is to have a bit of skepticism with much of what you read. If there is a proven fat burning, muscle-building breakthrough, it would be plastered all over the media and not just on the cover of the National Enquirer.

Have a 6-pack in 3 weeks! Significant changes in muscle tone takes weeks, but it is more like 6-8 weeks rather than 3. And muscle tone is just half the battle, as you need to burn the fat covering the abs. Although we all have different issues in the midsection, I know I would need more much more than 3 weeks to see a 6-pack and I am fairly lean.

Lose 15 pounds in 15 days! Two things to remember here: One is that the majority of weight you lose the first several days is usually water, and second, as a general rule, if you lose more than 2 pounds per week you may be losing muscle too, which is a bad thing.

Eat more and lose weight!  It should say: “Eat more veggies, and less crap, and lose weight”. It is calories in vs. calories out folks! Eat more broccoli and less junk and you will lose weight. Trust me on this one.

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