There are many theories on why bees decide to swarm, but nobody really knows for sure.  One thought that is largely accepted is that they feel crowded and need more space.  Bees will not leave a hive without a queen, so what they do is produce a second queen and when she hatches, half of the bees take off in a swarm with her, cutting your colony in half.  This is a horrible thing, especially going into winter when the colony needs to be strong!

The bad news is that this happened to one of our Sensible Fitness hives.  The good news was that I received a phone call from a guy saying that a huge cloud of be bees was flying around his tree and starting to cluster on a branch.  I did not know at the time that these were our bees, I learned that later, but if I could capture this swarm I would have a new colony of bees at no cost, which is where the phrase “freebies” was originated.  If you purchase a colony of bees, it is $100+.

So I suited up with a veil and gloves and dashed out to conquer this swarm with nothing more than my good looks.  Well that and a bee vacuum.  Was I successful?  Watch the video and find out…


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